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Qacha’s Nek, April.14 — The Qacha’s Nek police deputy commanding officer Senior Inspector Mohalali Majara, says stock theft has decreased in the district.

This he revealed at a two-day district’s small stock show held at Makhaola woodshed by the Qacha’s Nek Wool and Mohair Growers Association (QWMGA) and its partners.

He said they were instructed to fight stock theft hence it is among their top priorities. 

He said over a decade working in the district, stock theft has “drastically decreased not over.

We could not have achieved this on our own and I am proud of Melele for accepting our request.”

He said through Crime Prevention Unit and Zero Tolerance to Stock Theft, they are on an ongoing campaign pleading with the public to assist them in the fight against stock theft especially now that it is evident that they lack resources such as cars. 

“Our team in collaboration with Crime Prevention Committees (Mahokela) have done a great job in voluntarily accompanying us to go everywhere in the district because of their love for their animals,” S/Inspector said.

He said reports proved that outgoing stolen livestock to areas such as Matatiele have decreased.

However, “those entering still do in huge numbers and some would say it is better that and it is really not because we are challenging them to revenge. Let us work together to uproot this practice,” said Inspector Majara.

The Qacha’s Nek District Administrator (DA) Mr. Mantsi Tseane says they have been battling cross border stock theft for years.

He called on the district Member of Parliament (MP) to fight this issue in parliament as it is the district’s major challenge as “stock theft reduces farmers’ consumption of their returns. Our laws are not strict enough for thieves to understand they do to farmers.”

“Without money raised through sales of the products, the farmers are unable to buy essentials such as food. Most farmers live in rural areas,”he added

Mr. Mohlahlubi Busa, Qacha’s Nek MP expressed happiness that stock theft has decreased in the district.

He disclosed that there is a section that parliament plans to include to prevent stock theft in the country regarding punishment given in courts as it has been “lenient not instilling fear in them to stop theft. I hope it will be passed before the end of this year.”

He pleaded with the police to work with him so as to find ways to strengthen their strategies to put an end to stock theft in the district.

Meanwhile, the Lesotho Mounted Police Services (LMPS) announced Zero Tolerance to Stock Theft campaign which was launched earlier this year, with the aim of making livestock theft a thing of the past.

Some chiefs through their Crime Prevention Committees are said to be on their feet to help the police in this campaign.

Meanwhile, on April 11, 2023, a 30-year-old Mr. K’homboleni Thafeng through this campaign was handed over to the police by his chief of ‘Melikane, Ha Khoathi suspected of keeping a house illegally.

He was found guilty as charged by Qacha’snek Magistrate Ts’eliso Bale and he was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment or to pay M4000.00 but failed.


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