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Maseru, Oct. 18 — Youth leagues under the coalition government parties Revolution For Prosperity (RFP), its partners in government Movement for Economic Change (MEC) and Alliance of Democrats (AD) have organized a protest march against the opposition Members of Parliament (MP) motion of no confidence to be held on Friday this week.

Also present to show support were youth from Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), HOPE, Lesotho People’s Congress (LPC) and United For Change (UFC).

Addressing the media on Wednesday at press conference held at RFP Offices, Ms. ‘Matsikane Khali of RFP said that they have organized the march to show their dissatisfaction against the MPs whom she said have forgotten that they are in the National Assembly because of the public but they (MPs) seem not to care and only concerned on what benefits them.

She said that to show that they go to the National Assembly for themselves and their families and not to represent Basotho, in the 10th Parliament they made the law which prohibits the Prime Minister to advise the King to dissolve Parliament when there are not enough numbers to be government.

She said that the opposition MPs have only filed motions of no confidence in the Prime Minister due to greed and disrespect for Basotho who have elected them.

She indicated that the MPs have to refrain from what they are doing but instead ensure that the Reforms process continues and are completed, saying if they fail to do so then it is a sign that they do not consider the electorates in the decisions they make or take.

“If Reforms are not completed then no government should be changed in Parliament as that will affect peace and stability of the country. If MPs do not take part in Reforms then we no longer regard them as MPs because the views, needs and laws of Basotho are compiled in the Reforms,” she said.

On the other hand, Mr. Nkejane Lethoba for MEC emphasised as the public they have social contract with MPs they voted for that represent them and their needs in the National Assembly but that seems not to be happening.

He said that they are not against government changing but they are against MPs not doing what Basotho wants, which is passing and implementing Reforms which was the first mandate of the 11th Parliament. “Current laws have put the public under the mercy of MPs and that cannot be hence we say that Reforms should be completed,” he said.

He said that security agencies heads and staff are tax payers and electorates in this country saying anything happening in this country affects them as well therefore they cannot turn a blind eye even when they see that things are not going well in Parliament.

Moreover, Mr. Thabo Shao of AD said that due to the prevailing situation in Parliament and the country as a whole, they found it fitting to come together and organize a march. He said that every decision made by the MPs affect them as Basotho despite their party affiliations.

He said that there is instability in the country due to MPs overthrowing each other which he emphasized does not in any way benefit Basotho.

He added that it is high time that MPs respect Basotho because they (MPs) are there because of the very same people that they have been disrespecting for years.

On Friday last week, Basotho National Party (BNP) leader Mr. Machesetsa Mofomobe had filed the motion seconded by the Makhaleng legislator Mr. Mootsi Lehata.

In the motion, they cited that they long longer have confidence in His Majesty’s Government led by Mr. Matekane and therefore recommended the name of opposition and Democratic Congress (DC) Leader Mr. Mathibeli Mokhothu.

The debate on the motion could not proceed due to the court case in the courts of law which is directly challenging the same motion.

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