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Maseru, Mar.22—Revolution For Prosperity (RFP) Secretary General and also Minister of Information, Communications, Science, Technology and Innovation says  Basotho should continue to trust it to bring development.

This Ms. Nthati Moorosi said in an interview while unpacking the journey of RFP as it is celebrating one year anniversary of its establishment.

She said that RFP as head of government is hope for Basotho and Lesotho and is adamant to carry out its mandate of revolutionizing and developing Lesotho saying that the next four years will have fruitful and recognised results adding that they are going to work tirelessly to ensure job creation and that Lesotho becomes a producing country.

She noted that with agriculture all available arable land is going to be used so that Basotho in all corners are able to produce for themselves and refrain from importing vegetables from South Africa.

She said,  reopening of the closed factories is on the pipeline which she said that the intention is also to extend it to the districts saying that districts should have factories so as to reduce high influx of people migrating to Maseru.

Moreover she reminded Basotho that RFP was established  by business people who promised to do things differently saying that they are going to push for economic revival therefore urging Basotho to work together with the government to make this a success.

Commenting on the issue of contracts being terminated in particular of 74 youth who were employed at Lesotho National Broadcasting Service (LNBS), Ms. Moorosi said that they are implementing that  strategy to  out those who were not legally employed saying that they are going to use correct structures thus be employed on merits.

She noted that most of them with qualifications and without qualifications were employed under one position which she said is  wrong. She added that they have  developed a six months programme with Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) to equip those who will not be absorbed once positions are open so that they have relevant skills in broadcasting.

She mentioned that change is not good and people do not adapt to it well but to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the public service such decisions of terminating contracts of unlawful employers had to be made.

On the other hand, she stated that media in Lesotho should be watchdogs and play their social responsibility role of disseminating truthful and not biased information saying that Basotho have lost trust in government adding  that Journalists are responsible for restoring that trust by reporting developmental activities and not be used by politicians.

Furthermore, on the controversy within the party, she said that it is a challenge  since people do not understand the mandate of RFP  saying that they are a revolution and not a political party therefore they will not operate like political parties when it comes to electing a national committee.

She indicated that they came into government solely to restore, revive and develop Lesotho saying that if there was another way of becoming government without politics they could have taken such a route. She highlighted that committees cause factions emphasizing that their focus as Thalaboliba ea Ntlafatso is development of Lesotho therefore there will be no elections of committee until the five years is over.

Meanwhile as part of the anniversary celebration, RFP members will have a convoy going around town on wednesday  where the Leader and Prime Minister Mr. Ntsokoane Matekane will deliver his speech.

RFP garnered 57 seats in the 2022 general elections and formed a coalition with the Alliance of Democrats (AD) and the Movement for Economic Change (MEC). The coalition has 65 seats in the 120-seat National Assembly.

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