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Mafeteng, April 05 —The Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Thabana-Morena Constituency Mr. Selibe Mochoboroane says the government of Lesotho has allocated the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition M1,000, 000,000 (one billion) to improve agriculture sectors of crops and livestock.

Mr. Mochoboroane made remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition during District Small Stock Show held at Thabana-Morena on Tuesday where he said the staff has to work hard since they are given more funds than other ministries saying development of angora goats and merino sheep were seen in rural areas and now farmers in the lowlands have joined.

The Minister said there is an improvement of small stock where farmers are competing in preparation for National Agriculture Show to be held in Berea from April 26-27, saying the government of Lesotho through the ministry has to review the agricultural programmes that were broadcast at Lesotho Television and Radio Lesotho providing farmers with information on how  they could improve their production in both animals and crops.  

He indicated that such programmes were important as they were promoting the spirit of production of both livestock and crops while at the same time farmers were learning techniques to control and prevent diseases affecting their production, urging farmers to always visit each other to learn new methods of producing quality products and should not wait for activities of this nature that comes once in a year. 

Speaking at the same occasion the Director of Field Services Ms. Itumeleng Pule commended small stock farmers committees for organizing outstanding activity intended for farmers to compete before meeting their counterparts from other districts.

She said today’s event is for them to learn from each other, commending competitors who are entrusted to represent the district at the National Agriculture Show by the end of this month and said they have worked hard to occupy those positions and should maintain them even at the national event.

On other hand the Manager of the Department of Livestock Registration Marking and Information Systems Ministry of Home Affairs Mrs. Matholeli Ramokotjo said her department is mandated to register and marking of livestock as well as keeping data, saying today majority small stock farmers do not understand the importance of making of their livestock. 

She urged them to register and mark their livestock as they prevent their livestock from being stolen, notifying them that there is enforced law which forces small stock farmers to mark their livestock.

The Officer Commanding Mafeteng Police Senior Superintendent Leabua Shale said farmers through their livestock have the potential to boost the country ‘s economy and improve Basotho’s lives.

He reminded farmers that it is the role of police to protect the community and their property explaining that within Lesotho Mounted Police Service, there is a department that is responsible for stock theft where members of the community have a right to access its services. 

Senior Superintendent Shale urged farmers to establish Crime Prevention Committees to protect their livestock while at the same time preventing various criminal offences. 

 The Chairperson of the Lesotho Nation Wool and Mohair Production Mr. Mokunii Thinyane said small stock farmers are holding the country’s economy. 

He advised local bank managers to approach farmers and show them the importance of banking with them as there are some farmers who keep money at their homes.

The activity was attended by participants from seven district Resource Center of Mosala, Ribaneng, Ramokoatsi, Kolo, Tsakholo, Thabana-Morena and Matelile respectively with the aim of preparing for the National Agricultural Show be held at Berea by the end this month.

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