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Maseru, Oct. 12 — The suspected killer of former Member of Parliament for Mabote Constituency, the late Mr. Moshoeshoe Fako is in police custody after reportedly handing himself over after the incident on Wednesday night.

A brother in law to Mr. Fako who went to the police after the shooting incident told the Agency on Thursday morning that he (Mr. Fako) was on his way home from a meeting when the vehicle he was driving was hit at the back by a woman driver along the Main North One Road, just opposite Hi Fi City at Mohalalitoe.

Mr. Boithatelo Lekola said Mr. Fako insisted that they wait for the police to arrive at the scene and that the argument ensued as the driver who had hit his car at the back wanted to drive off.

He said it was during the argument that the driver called her cousin who upon arrival did not even bother to ask what had happened and started shooting at Mr. Fako and was left dead at the scene.

Mr. Lekola said they are saddened by the incident, describing the late Mr. Fako as was a bread winner in the family.

Furthermore, he said Mr. Fako was a loving person who always ensured that the family remained intact. He said as the family they are still trying to recover from the shocking news which they received early Thursday about the shooting incident that left Mr. Fako dead.

One of the villagers Mrs. ‘Mamasoatsi Sopeng also expressed shock, saying she even failed to go to work after the news that Mr. Fako had been shot dead.

‘’I waited impatiently for Mr. Fako’s family members to return from the mortuary so that they could inform us what had actually transpired,’’ she stated.

Mrs. Sopeng remembered Mr. Fako for his kindness, loving and caring, making an example of one neighbour who died due to COVID-19, saying Mr. Fako was in the forefront of arranging the funeral of the deceased.

She also recalled Mr. Fako for being a person who liked developmental activities at Ha Mabote like levelling the access roads using his own resources.

A personal friend of Mr. Fako, Mr. Teboho Machachamise denied vehemently reports that Mr. Fako slapped the woman driver who hit his car at the back.

“Knowing him well even during campaigning for him to be elected as a Member of Parliament for All Basotho Convention (ABC), Mr. Fako would not retaliate in any way even when under attack himself,’’ he hinted.

Mr. Machachamise recalled during the factions within the ABC saying at one rally at Maqhekung, he was confronted by another faction with guns being wielded but Mr. Fako was never provoked as he remained calm despite having his own firearm with him.

He described Mr. Fako as was a true soldier who is disciplined, who wanted things to be done peacefully and never resorted to violence.

When the Agency arrived at the family of Mr. Fako people were still arriving to convey their messages of condolences to his wife, children and friends.

Mr. Fako is survived by his wife, two children and three grandchildren.

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