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December 11, 2023


Maseru, Oct. 17 — The statement made by heads of security agencies is reasonable although they somehow declared themselves as the government.

This was said by the Political Analyst, Professor Kopano Makoa in an interview with the Agency when analysing the statement of heads of security agencies as well as the prevailing political situation in the country.

Prof. Makoa said security agencies should not just be condemned for their statement but the Prime Minister (PM) Ntsokoane Matekane should answer and tell the nation what is happening, that is if he handed over power to security agencies.

He said the constitutional Law does not allow security agencies to meddle with Parliamentary issues however they would be told when there is a constitutional problem which imperil the security of the country.

“Security agencies have their own laws which are under the Constitutional Law just like other departments,” he said.

He therefore said their statement indicates that they have contravened their laws and the constitution as they have somehow declared that they have taken power.

Asked about what might happen to the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister after the matter is completed at court, he said it will depend on what the owners of the motion will say to the Speaker of Parliament.

He also said as the opposition claimed that it has a majority, it is clear that they have lobbied, saying the government on the other hand will resist in its own way.

Also interviewed was National University of Lesotho Political Analyst, Dr. Tlohang Letsie who reiterated that security agencies do not have a right to interfere with Parliamentary issues as per law.

He however said they could intervene in situations whereby politicians have angered the people on the ground, investors and development partners amongst others.

He also said they could intervene when the economic development of the country has melted down.

He clarified that there is as saying that goes ‘opposition does not overthrew government but the latter loses numbers’ saying the court case regarding motion of no confidence against the PM buys time and nobody could predict what will happen when it is resolved thus it is difficult to say the government will change but it will depend on who will play their cards well.

Meanwhile, Heads of Security Agencies (Lesotho Defence Force, Lesotho Mounted Police Service and National Security Services) indicated in their statement delivered on Monday that they are governed by the constitutional law to ensure safety and protection of the public.

They said that they are aware that there are people who want to disrupt peace and stability in the country, saying this could lead to disruptions which could affect lives of  people and  property thus they declared that they will not allow that to happen but will work with the government and members of the public to retain the image of the country and restore confidence of Basotho.

They added that Basotho have for a long time indicated that they want democracy for their own benefit not democracy for parliamentarians for the latter’s benefit.

They therefore emphasised that there will be no change in governance instead reforms will  be prioritised.

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